We realise that there is an entire nation in need.  We are not in the position to help everyone but we intend to help as many as we can.  With the provision of a clean and sustainable water source will come the establishment of a community, as people will naturally congregate around this vital commodity.  Within the community will be children needing education, therefore schools will be essential.  In addition to this, the adults will need some form of work to generate income, so training in farming and irrigation of crops would provide employment and, very importantly, food.  As the children progress in education they can branch out to other occupations and bring additional income and investment into their communities.  The basic health and well being of all the community will improve over time.  This is a long term project and We we have committed ourselves to it.  But it starts with the provisions of the basics, namely water, food and education.

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The SONshine Club started in August 2000, at the Church of God, Glenmachan,  as a summer scheme for children lasting one week in the month of August.  Each year we have an action- packed programme for the children.  In 2006 as part of the programme, we emphasised the need to show concern for other people, especially other children who were less fortunate than ourselves.  The children were encouraged to bring pencils, erasers, sharpeners, writing pads, notebooks, etc to help some children in Kenya.  We had been given the names of a few schools in Kenya desperately needing this equipment.

The response from the children was phenomenal!

local families also donated clothes – old and new – to be sent to Kenya.  As we packaged everything for transport to Kenya someone made a glib comment that it would be lovely to go and actually distribute these gifts to the children in Kenya.  If we could see the need first hand we would have a better idea of what was needed for future schemes.  A few weeks later 3 females were sitting on a plane bound for Kenya.  Rather naively we thought we would go, distribute the stationery, clothes & food, take a few pictures to show the kids back home and that would be the end of it!

SCKP works closely with ASSIST from Denmark www.assist-denmark.dk - a charity with similar vision and mission, and together we work under the umbrella kenyan registered charity WHY United Foundation (Where Hope Yields) www.whyunited.org  Mugo is our Project Manager and he has a very capable assistance, Carol

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